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  • 您好,歡迎來到江蘇江達機械制造有限公司官網!


    1, with reference to foreign counterparts advanced technology and
    my company for many years experience in production and production
    of the original type of transport equipment; sub-ordinary dust
    and special sealed two;

    2, the chain with high-strength welding bending plate chain, pin, chain
    plate, scraping through a special treatment, with high strength,
    good wear characteristics of the characteristics;

    3, the blade is equipped with special ultra-high molecular wear-resistant
    materials, to avoid the direct friction between the conveyor chain
    and the shell, effectively reduce the operating noise and extend
    the service life of the equipment;

    4, tail set fixed guide tension device, less failure rate, good sealing
    performance, easy to operate;

    5, the structure is simple, flexible process layout, can be multi-point feed and head single point of material.

    6, equipped with maintenance mouth, observation window, dust suction, with speed, anti-blocking and axial temperature detection and
    other safety protection devices;

    7, the machine looks beautiful, large amount of delivery, good sealing performance, long life, low energy consumption and material
    damage rate;

    8, widely used in the tilt angle of 0 ~ 90 ° of various particles, flakes and powder material delivery.

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