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    This series of products have the advantages of less fault point, good sealing effect, long service life, large conveying capacity, smooth and reliable operation, low energy consumption and so on. In this paper, Equipment, full sealed, especially for the transport environment requires a higher logistics sites, and transmission parts all external, easy maintenance and maintenance, the specific features are as follows:


    1. the first wheel adopts the glue process. increases the friction
    coefficient. prevents the belt skid. runs the deviation. enhances
    the transmission efficiency. the active roller. the passive drum. the
    tensioning roller all passes through the static balance and the
    dynamic balance check;

    2. the head is equipped with a special scraper cleaning device. to
    ensure that the conveying materials can all be discharged into the
    head funnel. the head tape from the air chamber into the driving
    drum. in order to prevent material overflow. in the appropriate part
    with logistics guide device; The rear return belt is provided with a
    "V"-shaped sweeper to sweep the material without a loading section;

    3. bearing (material) layer and return (no-load) layer are used unique
    air cushion structure. because the upper and lower structural types
    are basically the same. so the equipment can be operated flexibly.
    the upper and lower conveyor belts are in a closed state. so it is
    especially suitable for cold and rainy areas with high humidity in the
    south. and effectively prevent condensation;

    4. the tail using a sealed type of automatic return device. to fundamentally solve the problem of tail accumulation. in order to achieve
    the entire equipment dust-laden effect;

    5. Feed mouth with the adjustable buffer baffle. so that the material drop to the conveyor belt on the accumulation. and reduce the impact
    of material on the tape. on both sides of the feed trough with adjustable rubber baffle plate to prevent material leakage;

    6. in the total length of the conveyor set up independent Air Supply Section. in order to reduce the impact of the airflow. and avoid
    the pressure loss caused by the long distance. in each Air Supply section with a discouraged valve. in order to leak excess gas to
    ensure that the conveyor belt is not floating; the adjacent two gas chamber adopts the inserting joint to reduce the high and low error
    of the contour surface of the gas chamber joint;

    7. the head and tail of the conveyor are provided with a special built-in type (conveyor belt) elastic anti-deflection device;

    8. according to the equipment length and the use condition. may use the unique airtight telescopic type screw tensioning mode.
    the fixed track type Gravity tensioning way and the slide trolley tensioning method. and has the tensioning limit device;

    9. equipped with a repair port. observation window. dust suction tuyere. equipped with speed. deviation. plugging and axial
    temperature detection and other safety devices;

    10. Widely used in ports. terminals. silos and other large tonnage. super long distance of the level or dip less than 15 ° of various
    particles. flake and powdery materials conveying. Can be used alone. can also be multiple units or with other conveying equipment
    to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system.

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